We conduct our business with respect for the environment and
by embracing the principles of sustainable development

Energy efficiency

100% of the electricity purchased comes from certified renewable sources.
IRIDEOS has carried out several interventions both on the Data Centers and on the main PoPs, to further improve the energy efficiency of the sites, in particular of the Avalon Campus, according to the criteria of the Climate Neutral Data Center Pact, of which IRIDEOS is among the first signatories and which sets the goal of making data centers climate neutral by 2030.
By taking the lead in this self-regulatory initiative, we seeks to make a concrete contribution to sustainable growth and environmental protection.
We hasve also committed to the European Code of Conduct, a set of best practices established at the European level for building and managing sustainable Data Centers.

Waste Management

IRIDEOS pays close attention to proper waste disposal, adopting circular economy-oriented solutions and undertaking various staff awareness initiatives on separate waste collection issues, in order to support full environmental sustainability and to reduce the environmental footprint of products and services.

Noise pollution reduction

We take daily and nightly measurements of the noise level around its Data Centers and we co-operates with national and regional agencies such as ARPA to introduce possible corrective actions to reduce noise.

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