We have designed three resilient and high-performing cloud computing platforms with hundreds of companies already on board and thousands of applications running 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Three platforms to provide solutions to meet any need.


    Suitable for high performance stable loads.


    High reliability thanks to the infrastructure distributed on 3 data centers with autonomous power supply and Internet connection, but that are interconnected with each other by double fiber optic rings.


    High-performing Software Defined Storage able to provide up to 120.000 IOPS per VM.


    VMware interface to create, configure and manage virtual servers and resources in complete autonomy.


    Disaster Recovery is available in Milan, Rome, Verona and Trento.




    Suitable for high performance dynamic loads.


    Multiregion: Milan, Frankfurt and Amsterdam. Each region is autonomous to be protected from major interruptions in other regions, but interconnected with a proprietary fiber optic ring, to ensure the lowest possible latency.


    Scalable, distributed and with no limits object storage, which combined in a “shared nothing” cluster, provides seamless geographical DR functionality within European borders.


    You can manage servers, storage, network, DNS and CDN with an intuitive graphical interface or via API.


    It supports DevOps Cloud Automation.




    Specific for SAP/SAP HANA applications.


    Geographical high reliability which  allows the supply of Tier 6 Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery solutions in active-active mode for SAP / SAP HANA mission critical systems.


    Full management: from the installation and configuration of SAP / SAP HANA environments, to the management of SAP Basis, patches, updates.


    Fully managed storage and Backup / Restore integrated on a shared platform.




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