IoT – Internet of Things

Innovation in our sector is essential to be competitive, that is why we want partners that guide us through the digital transformation process.

italian company leading in the environmental comfort sector for over 30 years

we aimed at an IoT management of boilers to obtain that competitive advantage which would enable us to optimize internal processes and create added value to retain final clients.


  • Get in touch with final clients as relationships were once interrupted after the purchase.
  • Acquire bidirectional information from sensors installed on boilers.
  • View data in real time.
  • Access the data produced by boilers and company areas.
  • Activate post-sales management creating added value for our stakeholders.


    Development of an ad hoc IoT platform based on actual customer needs and installation in IRIDEOS data centers. The platform is interconnected with the sensors already on board the boilers to collect all the information that the sensors record.

    The platform processes the data collected from all the subjects connected with the company: internal departments (sales, marketing, administration, production data), subjects involved in post-sales (installers) and suppliers. It reprocesses information in a strategic way generating internal and external processes.
    Moreover, it is able to make predictions about the future or unknown events, activating new automated processes involving internal users (eg warehouse and inventory management) and external users (evolved assistance).


    Analysis of the data collected in real-time thanks to customizable dashboards showing the values picked up by sensors.


    The client’s platform and the architecture that hosts it, is managed entirely by IRIDEOS experts, highly specialized in both system management and infrastructural management. Our staff is certified according to international standards for ITIL management 3.

Results obtained

  • Process innovation, which enabled the passing from compulsory (assistance) to saleable service (new assistance service) elements.
  • Increased focus on the client, increased proximity with improved client satisfaction and customer retention.
  • Sales tracking and extraction of new data to set up new strategic activities and identify problems.
  • Cost reduction (lower warehouse stock, optimized assistance).

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