Cloud SAP/SAP HANA Business Continuity

Our management system is the core of our activity. I must guarantee the continuity and promptness of processes to reduce delivery costs and respect stringent SLAs towards clients.

International leader in the import/export of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Private Cloud, complete service management and outsourcing to ensure the performance and operative continuity necessary for the core business


  • guarantee the continuity of activities to ensure goods are delivered on schedule, which is a critical aspect for the business.
  • test the new SAP HANA platform before starting the internal migration project.
  • ensure a constant flow of information and reports to support management and decisional processes.
  • obtain the compliance with stringent SLA for an efficient management of the core business.
  • improve flexibility and performances containing investments thanks to a cloud solution.
  • delegate the management of technological aspects of a complex management system such as SAP so as to focus on decisions relating to the core business.



    A system and performance monitoring policy (alert on vital parameters and service availability) was implemented so as to make sure the management to always has updated information on the status of activities.


    Implementation and Cloud management of the SAP platform, which all purchasing and sales processes, accounting, transport organization, production and warehouse depend on. Due to the way it was structured, the outsourcing platform enables to improve data management performances while at the same time guaranteeing architectural scalability and flexibility as well as a 24-7 availability of data towards all companies part of the Group.


    Creation of a Cloud platform with dedicated hardware and network resources for the management of the SAP management system.


    Implementation of a Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity system with geographically-redundant architectures at the IRIDEOS data centers in active-active mode (availability of Oracle Exadata as-a-service architectures).


    Centralized help desk accessible 24-7 with qualified IRIDEOS technicians.

Results obtained

  • The risks caused by delays in the delivery of perishable goods are reduced thanks to the operative continuity of the management system.
  • Increased effectiveness of information flows between production and logistics.
  • Stringent SLAs are easier to respect thanks to the continuous monitoring of architecture and SAP platform performances carried out by IRIDEOS.
  • Improved business processes thanks to the real-time availability of data customized per single business units.
  • Economic savings thanks to on-demand cloud services.

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