A connection with high speed and reliability levels is essential for all kinds of businesses.

A connection with high speed and reliability levels is essential for all kinds of businesses.
This is why IRIDEOS has activated a new optic network that employs the Infinera technology and covers the entire Italian territory to activate high-capacity services.

Our network runs along motorways, so it is always near Italian businesses thus guaranteeing a service of the highest quality. The network also reaches over 100 municipalities and covers the Bergamo province almost in its entirety. Of particular relevance is the infrastructure of about 750 km between Bologna and Bari: a unique asset on a crucial route towards Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

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of proprietary fiber optic network


access points to the fiber optic


all over the national territory


cities already connected to the fiber optic network


  • Ownership and management

    Network based on a proprietary optic fiber infrastructure, managed directly by IRIDEOS (along Italian motorways and Adriatic ridge) guaranteeing maximum reliability and control

  • Diversification and protection

    Network created with the maximum diversification and protection, formed entirely by geographic rings with no single points of failure and managed by ASON/GMPLS dynamic protections that enable the protection of services also in presence of multiple simultaneous failures.

  • Low latency

    Low-latency network thanks to the presence of direct optic routes without the need for intermediate regenerations

  • High capacity

    High capacity network thanks to the transport of integrated Super-Channels with coherent technology up to 300G between Milan and Bari and 400G between Milan and Rome

  • Dynamics and automation

    SDN-ready network for a dynamic automated network and service management

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